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How to Choose a Family Photographer

January 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

How to Choose a Family Photographer:

Choosing a family photographer can be a tricky task, and especially now with digital cameras.  Everyone with a digital camera thinks they are a photographer.  Today I am going to give you some pointers on what to look for when you are searching for a photographer for your family.

  • STYLE is definitely the first place to start.  What style are you looking for?  It could be lifestyle, portrait, editorial, studio, or???  That is up to you, but you want to find a photographer that has a portfolio of images that you like, and would like to hang on your walls.  You do not want to pick a photographer whose style doesn't fit yours.  If you are looking to capture moments of your children's lives where they are just being themselves, then you do not want to pick a photographer that only has images of everyone looking at the camera and saying "cheese". You would want to find a photographer that has more a candid or lifestyle approach.  This is a person who can do the posed shots, but prefers to give cues to the family and then captures them interacting. 
  • Speciality is important!  There are plenty of photographers that can do it all....wedding, newborns, boudoir, and family photos.  But, for family photography you want to choose a photographer that showcases images of families.  You may come across a wedding photographer that has a style you absolutely love, but he or she may not be a good pick because she isn't used to working with young kids. Try to be sure to pick a professional photographer that has the style and the know how to give you the final product you want.
  • Reviews and recommendations are also great sources for finding the perfect photographer for your family.  Ask around and read reviews.  If your friends have used the photographer be sure to ask about their process.  Did the photographer meet their expectations?  Did he/she deliver the images in a timely manner?  Did the professional photographer have them sign a contract, and did he or she deliver what was agreed upon?  Specifically ask if the photographer was good with children, if that is your main concern.  If your husband hates to have his pictures taken ask the photographer how he/she will work with that circumstance.  
  • Investment and budget always have to be considered too.  For some, cost is the deciding factor of the photographer that you choose.  That is ok, but make sure you know what the costs include.  Does the session fee cover travel expenses for an on location shoots?  If you purchase and 11x14 print do you get the digital file too?  For example, sometimes a photographer may look cheap, but once you factor in the cost of prints, digital negatives, and other fees, they may be the most expensive photographer that you have looked into.  Be sure to always ask for clarification before signing a contract.  Also, a word of caution- if a photographer is too cheap you need to ask yourself why?  Does he/she have professional equipment that will give you the final product you are looking to achieve?  Does this photographer carry liability insurance in case of an accident?  Equipment and insurance are important and expensive, and should be factored into the photographer's price.  If the deal looks to good to be true, then I would suggest you ask more questions!
  • Personality of a photographer is important. Get to know them and make sure this is a person that you will trust to get you the images that you will cherish.  You want to feel comfortable with this person.  Being in front of a camera doesn't come naturally for most, so you want to be sure that your personalities will mesh so that you and your family can be as relaxed as possible for your session.

Thank you for taking a moment to ready my tips for picking a family photographer.  I truly hope this helped to give you some direction with your search for the perfect family photographer for you.  If you would like more information about me you can check out my work here. I am the artist and owner of Karyn Olsson Photography, located in Orange County, California.


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choosing a family photographer is an difficult task...thanks for sharing your ideas.....
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